Hippo escapes from Montenegro zoo

January 16, 2010

A hippopotamus remains at large having escaped from a Montenegrin zoo, BBC News reports.

Nikica, a two-tonne Hippopotamus, made good her escape when floodwaters swelled the pond in her enclosure sufficiently that she cleared its fence.

Montenegro’s natural disasters commission, which busies itself with the fallout from floods such as these, told The Guardian that they were required by law to destroy the behemoth.

Dragan Pejovic, the hippo’s custodian, countered with assurances that Nikica poses no danger to humanity “unless someone attacks and kicks her.”

Despite swimming free of her enclosure, the semi-aquatic quadruped remains in Pejovic’s care, residing as she does in a swimming pool at a restaurant he jointly owns with his brother.

Pejovic’s assurances notwithstanding, diners at his establishment should think twice before heading to the pool. As cracked.com notes, Steve Irwin, who routinely slapped crocodiles about the face for laughs, was terrified of hippos.