Escaped flamingo eyeballed on Texas coast

August 18, 2009

A flamingo that fled the clutches of Sedgwick County Zoo, KA, has been photographed sojourning on the Gulf Coast, the Wichita Eagle reports.

The bird, one of a pair that escaped the zoo in June 2005, has been spotted a number of times since he slipped his captors. The other, blown northward by a storm, has proven more elusive, having been spotted only once, on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, in 2008.

“It’s good to know that [the more southerly flamingo] is still doing well,” said Christan Baumer, spokeswoman for Sedgwick County Zoo.

The flamingoes were due a wing-clipping to prevent just such an escape, but their primaries proved too short for the procedure. Days before they were destined for the veterinarian’s knife, strong winds helped them aloft, and thence to freedom.