Sausage-gobbling kookaburra grows too fat to fly

June 9, 2010

A kookaburra that grew fat on flame-grilled favourites has been placed on a diet by staff at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo, Reuters reports.

Visitors to a park in Sydney fed the Australian bird sausages as they enjoyed barbecues in the New South Wales city. Eventually, the snag-scoffing bird grew to a mighty 565 grams (1.2 lb), rendering it too fat to fly.

A concerned resident spotted the kookaburra being chased around the grounds by dogs, bagged the bird, and took it to the Zoo for rehabilitation.

“The kookaburra’s been down at the rehabilitation aviary for a couple of weeks on a special ‘lite n’easy’ diet designed by our bird keeper,” Gemma Watkinson, Taronga Zoo wildlife hospital nurse, told Reuters.

“Out in the wild she’d eat a whole small animal such as a mouse or skink, but butcher’s sausages are just too much of a good thing.”