Elephants return to British circus

February 27, 2009

Toy Dolls poised for comeback

The UK is up in arms at the appearance of three performing elephants in a British circus. The RSPCA described it as “a body blow for animal welfare

“Asking these majestic animals to behave in unnatural ways in the name of entertainment is a disgrace,” said Dr Rob Atkinson, head of RSPCA’s wildlife department.

The RSPCA is currently campaigning for the liberty of the last 38 wild animals in British circuses, and seeks an outright ban in law.

“After all, how are we benefited as a nation for permitting tigers to leap through hoops and bears to ride bicycles?” Dr Atkinson demanded, only to be met with people looking awkwardly at their shoes.

It’s not clear what proportion of Britain’s outraged populace have been to SeaWorld without the least twinge of guilt. However, the UK has been free of captive cetaceans since the 1990s.