Drunk badger halts traffic

July 13, 2009

An intoxicated badger brought traffic to a standstill in Germany, Reuters reports.

Polizei Niedersachen officers responding to a report of a dead badger in Goslar found an animal very much alive, albeit utterly inebriated. The macerated mustelid had apparently dined on fermented windfall from a nearby cherry tree before it wandered into the road, sang a few ribald songs, and fell soundly asleep.

Officers were initially unable to shoo the bibulous brock to safety, but eventually dislodged it with a broom.

Fermented fruit is a common cause of animal dipsomania. The most famous wilderness symposium is held annually in Africa, when elephants, baboons, giraffes, ostriches and wildebeeste eat fermenting Marula fruit and make, er… beasts of themselves.