hic sunt leones

These are the dispatches from the front line of the War on Nature: an unreported war which, even now, rages in a field, zoo or supermarket near you; a war with its own heroes, casualties and prisoners of conscience; a war that tests the very limits of humanity’s relationship with its wild brethren.

Has humanity been given dominion over the beasts? Or are the quadrupeds and invertebrates even now preparing their final assault?

While you sleep, do they draw their plans against you?

A quandary inevitably emerges during the examination of our relationship with the biota; an examination that, it seems, no longer admits of gentlemanly discussion.

But whichever side of the fence we find ourselves, glaring balefully across and muttering “There’s no talking to some people”, we can at least take comfort from the observation that their grass has an unappetising pallor.

Yet do not be alarmed when, one by one, the characteristics which once set you apart from the balance of creation become commonplace, and the borders you so resolutely defended dissolve before your very eyes.

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