Mange-crazed wombat attacks Victoria bushfire survivor

A survivor of Australia’s deadly bushfires was set upon and dragged to the ground by a crazed wombat, ABC news reports.

Bruce Kringle, 60, who was made homeless by the “Black Saturday” blazes, was living in a caravan whilst awaiting the completion of his new, permament home, when the maniacal marsupial attacked.

Kringle inadvertantly trod on the hairy-nosed beast when leaving his caravan. The wombat “proceeded to get rather nasty,” in the words of the attending paramedic, and subjected Kringle to a 20 minute ordeal, gnawing his leg, upper arm, and chest.

Kelly Smith, a friend of Kringle, told AAP: “Bruce managed to find an axe and kill it.”

Department of Sustainability and Environment spokesman Geoff McClure speculated that the creature may have been suffering from mange. “In the advanced stages wombats become very irritable and anyone who approaches them, they usually view as a threat and may run towards them,” he said.

In this light, the killing of the mangy marsupial may have been merciful, despite Battling Bruce’s unconventional choice of instrument.

BBC News has some handy wombat facts, which include skill in producing cube-shaped droppings.

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