Obese Dalmation’s owner sent down for cruelty

A Cheshire man has been convicted of animal cruelty for allowing his dog to grow immensely fat on crisps and chocolate, BBC News reports.

Barney, an 8-year-old Dalmation, had doubled in size on a diet of titbits proffered from the hand of its owner.

Semi-conscious court reporters roused themselves sufficiently to note that the collossal canine had ballooned to double its recommended weight of 35 kg.

John Green, of Macclesfield, Cheshire, had repeatedly been warned by RSPCA body-image fascists that Barney no longer conformed to prescribed norms, yet their advice went unheeded.

The spotted slob was eventually placed in protective custody by the RSPCA, presumably with the aid of a fork-lift. He has subsequently shed almost half his weight while awaiting rehoming.

Green pleaded guilty to causing “uneccessary suffering to an animal”, but in mitigation pled that he saw Barney more as a friend than a pet, and had never intended to harm the dog.

Canine obesity is sufficiently widespread that it warrants its own website. Indeed, mutt nosh manufacturer Purina claims that a literally “staggering” quarter of all UK dogs are overweight.

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