Gaza zoo paints donkeys as zebras

A zoo in Gaza has come up with a creative solution to its zebra shortage by painting stripes on donkeys, United Press International reports.

Banksy woz e(eyo)reAt $15,000 a pop, zebras lie beyond the means of Gaza’s “only place of entertainment,” zoo head keeper Mahmoud Barghouti said.

“We used to have two zebras but they died from starvation during the military offensive. Some of the other animals escaped and died and some were stolen,” he continued.

Zoo officials are considering suing Israel for the damage caused during the 2008 Gaza War.

A professional artist was hired to (intermittently) black-up the donkeys, which, along with a few monkeys, cats and dogs, make up Gaza’s piss-poor collection of beasts.

The monkeys are said to have been smuggled into Gaza from Egypt, via the now-infamous tunnels that lie under the border to the southerly Arab republic.

3 Responses to Gaza zoo paints donkeys as zebras

  1. porcospino says:

    Oh… wow.

    H.C. Jr = my new hero. Maybe he should win the Nobel Prize, for “single-handedly preventing the development of a new front between New Orleans and New South Wales”.

  2. Tim Stevens says:

    He could certainly promote a new album off the back of it. So could Obama, actually. I can see him as a crooner.

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