Knowsley baboons unpack roof-rack

Anyone considering a trip to Knowsley Safari Park in a car equipped with a roof box are advised to think again. Knowsley’s baboons have developed a technique for prizing them open.

The heftiest of the troupe leaps up and down on top of the roof box until the locks are sprung. The remaining baboons make merry with the contents of the box, as this video attests:

Park staff have served the simians with Anti-Social Baboon Orders, according to the Liverpool Daily Post

“When the first luggage box was broken into, we didn’t really take an awful lot of notice – we just thought it was a one-off incident with a faulty box or lock,” general manager David Ross told the Post.

“However, when the problem kept happening, it quickly became clear the baboons have an unfortunate new skill.”

Any resemblance between the above video and a Saturday afternoon at the Church Street Primark are purely coincidental.

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