Pigs capture pig

A rampaging pig was returned to captivity following the brave intervention of a police officer late of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines Commandos, the BBC reports.

The beautiful seaside town of Margate was spared ruin by the intervention of heroic Pc Chris Wiltshire, whose “way with animals” subdued the rampaging porker.

Inspector Simon[s?] Collins of the Kent Constabulary told BBC News: “It is quite a large pig and, although it was not aggressive, a number of the younger officers were quite daunted.”

“Pepper” of Ethelbert Road, Margate, together with an unnamed rabbit accomplice, had inadvertently been liberated by a potting-shed burglar.

The pig apparently enjoyed its stay with the Peelers, catching some shuteye under a blanket in the police kennels.

“It was the subject of some attention – all the early shift patrols have been over to have a look at it,” Collins added.

Nevertheless, the breakfast menu of Margate Police Station remains defiantly unchanged.

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