Pink dolphin spotted in Louisiana lake

Cajun cetacean vit sa vie en rose

A bright-pink bottlenose dolphin has been sighted in a lake in Louisiana, USA, The Telegraph reports.

Charter boat captain Erik Rue has seen the creature “40 to 50 times” in Louisiana’s saltwater Calcasieu Lake, and taken several photographs. Regina Asmutis-Silvia of the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society, on the other hand, has “never seen a dolphin coloured this way in all [her] carreer”.

“Pinky”, as it has imaginatively been named, is in fact an albino, its beady red eyes betraying the genetic quirk.

Lurid cetaceans are not entirely unheard of. Last year, an albino Southern Right Whale calf was spotted in Western Australia’s Flinder’s Bay, while the Amazon River Dolphin, or “boto”, is naturally pink.


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