Goat tops self in Canadian zoo

Swingball presents choking hazard

A Turkmenian markhor shuffled off its mortal coil last Friday when it became entangled in an “enrichment toy”. Staff at Calgary Zoo were alerted to the unfolding drama by a horrified visitor, but were slow to grasp the seriousness of the incident, telling Aubrey Williams: “Oh, they do that all the time”.

The endangered Himalayan goat had leaped from a log in its enclosure, strangling itself with a rope in the process.  Medics were unable to save the animal, despite administering “mouth-to-nose resuscitation and CPR”.

Whether the markhor was unhappily betrothed to a Sudanese man is not known.

(tvm: Tim)

3 Responses to Goat tops self in Canadian zoo

  1. Tim Stevens says:

    I see the BBC has commented on its original post about the ‘goat wife’:

    Over time, it has received several million hits – making it historically one of the biggest-hitting stories the BBC News website has published.

    Good to see that public titillation over bestiality is as healthy as ever.

  2. Chris says:

    With all that’s going on in the world — war, economic meltdown, a new US adminstration — the British public’s appetite for trivialities remains undiminished. The “most viewed” video at the BBC is currently a story about a hen that laid a giant egg. Long may it continue.

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