New aquatic species?

August 29, 2008

Ruminant Robbins fails to attain Zihuatanejo

With deafening echoes of The Shawshank Redemption, a cow recently attempted to escape the whirling blades of the abbatoir by crawling through a sewer.  Sadly the brave bovine was not spared the chop.  Not even the French will eat a cow after it’s been trudging through excrement, but it was humanely destroyed, having injured itself during the escape.

Coincidentally, a baby elephant recently found itself swimming in circles, having blundered into a well in Sri Lanka.  The villagers dismantled part of their well to set it free.  But note how their kindness is repayed.  That’s gratitude for you.

Astronomically expensive

August 21, 2008

“Not because it is easy, but because it isn’t hard enough”

Imagine, if you will, some far-off time when all our knowledge has passed away, and nothing remains of our present existence but a few marks in the soil.  Imagine, too, that nature has seen fit to instil a future people, or indeed a future creature, with a curiosity about what went before.  Imagine this band of future archaeologists happens upon a peculiar site, built in the midst of a swamp: Read the rest of this entry »