SeaWorld: aquarium or circus?

June 30, 2008

Readers might be interested in a more recent post detailing the sad events in Orlando, February 2010.

Reuters reports a stunning jailbreak, led by a giraffe, in which several camels, zebras, llamas and some pot-bellied pigs threw off the yoke of human slavery and made a bid for freedom in the streets of Amsterdam.  Sadly all the creatures were subsequently returned to captivity.  I suspect collusion between the three species of even-toed ungulate, while zebras are known associates of giraffes.  The pigs, in all likelihood, simply noted the circumstances and pressed the advantage: Sus domestica have form.

It is nowadays deeply unfashionable to use performing animals in a circus; the public appears to have accepted that animal suffering is too high a price to pay for a couple of hours’ entertainment.  The popularity of human-only ciruses like Cirque du Soleil is perhaps testament to this, though we still see the occasional dog and pony show here in the UK.

Yet having said all that, there is one sphere in which performing animals still seem acceptable: the aquarium.  Read the rest of this entry »